Party All Night – Find Perfect Swingers in Atlanta

Party All Night - Find Perfect Swingers in AtlantaAre you looking to visit Atlanta this holiday season? Are you looking forward to the experience of the swinging culture in the country? If you are looking forward to spicing up your married life and getting rid of the boredom, then this is the best way to explore the things that you might haven’t experienced before. The swinging lifestyle will not just help you fulfill your fantasies, but you will be able to do them all with active participation of your partner.

Atlanta has a lot to offer in terms of the swinging lifestyle and adult nightlife. It is famous for southern culture, sports and big business. Atlanta is also well known for providing exotic and unmatched experience for swinger couples. If you’re looking to find swingers in the Atlanta area, check online for details on the parties specifically organized for swinging couples. Some Swingers Websites allow you to meet people online looking to swing, provide details about parties and cruises to help you make the task easier and pleasant for you.

On, you can spend endless hours browsing and connecting with new people online who shares similar interest. There are a huge variety of swinging types that you can learn about and explore as per your sexual fantasies.

Party All Night - Find Perfect Swingers in Atlanta Atlanta Swingers Clubs are another impeccable sound place to start your swinging journey. In the case of Atlanta swingers club, you can find a number of modern and happening clubs like Trapeze to roam around freely and explore the sexual adventures with other swinger couples. Just make sure you seek their permission before communicating your desire. There are certain rules and regulations that you need to follow to be able to enjoy a pleasurable night in such upscale clubs. These clubs are listed as reputed and popular swinging places for people looking to meet other couples interested in swinging. They are a safe and erotic way to enjoy a fun-filled adult environment. You get to meet people from all spheres of life looking for same level of excitement and sexual adventure.

Trapeze offers a wide variety of options, when it comes to swinging parties. You can expect to enjoy a typical nightclub atmosphere with an adventurous twist. Visiting good swinging club is a good way to encounter people who are experienced in the lifestyle. They might be looking for threesome, foursome, group sex, same sex, or voyeurism and having a feeling to explore such things is itself enough to make you feel aroused.



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California Swingers – Unleash the Real You

Unleash the Real You with California Swingers Gone are the days when swapping or swinging were considered bad. Present era is an era of people who believe in expressing their intimate desires openly. Members at California Swingers believe in being passionate in whatever they do; they understand that being in a committed relationship and having sex with other swinger couples is more acceptable in today’s society.In fact, it is said to be the best way to unleash the real you.

If you’re married or unmarried, every person has an unfulfilled fantasy in his/her mind. Swingers in California aim to fulfill that very desire by connecting at parties and function where people from all parts of the world come to enjoy the best time of their lives.

Swapping was once prevalent among middle and old age people who became bored with their sex life and decided to add some spice. It started where they would become intimate with their peers swapping partners in a private setting, normally at their home or a hotel.  The scene has changed now. The lifestyle is not just embraced by older couples bored in their marriage, but young newly married couples too are ready to swap partners with mutual understanding. The process is slow, but the concept of swinging and swapping is finding acceptability around the world.

Unleash the Real You with California SwingersThere is more than one reason why people get involved in the lifestyle. Their lives may be hectic and they do it to unwind, it may also be boredom in their current relationship, or coming out of a relationship. Whatever the reasons, you are sure to forget them when you are at a party organized by California Swingers.

California is the perfect platform for lifestyle couples to connect and live out their fantasies. There are no strings attached and no emotional attachments. The whole idea is to enjoy life to the fullest by fulfilling each others dreams and fantasies. All you need to do is to register to connect with swingers in California swingers and access the parties that are being held in and around town. Add one to your wish list and you are done.

What are you waiting for? Gain access to Swingers in California and get your inner-self going. Explore the places where you have always dreamt of and live the time of your life. With partners chosen for you by you, you not only will be satisfied once you join this group, but also will be rejuvenated for new beginnings in life. So, come and join California swingers, a group that believes in exploring the hidden you live life to the fullest.


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Making the Most of the Swinging LifeStyle

Making The Most Of The Swinging LifeStyleSwingers seem to have their own sense of passion when it comes to their sexual fantasies. Couples, who openly swap partners to have a night of passionate sex with other people and share similar interest, are said to be in a healthy and long-lasting relationship bond.

Having a passionate sex night with strangers is becoming a growing trend in the form of this new sexual relationship revolution. Those who swing believe that the rest of the monogamous couples are missing out on some great fun in their lives.

Forget the notion that the swinging lifestyle is only meant for middle-aged married couples, who have had their share of sexual adventure and are now looking to add more charm to their marriage. In fact, this lifestyle is majorly adopted by young couples from all ages and relationship statuses. Whether you are married or not, being in a relationship with your partner is the only requirement of adopting this lifestyle. The whole idea is to find something raw, exciting and wild, outside the monogamy of a married life. A lot of people participate in swinging, to break the routine and prevent boredom from sweeping into their marriage life.

Swingers in New York and Around the Globe

If you are in New York or any other State in the US and looking for some exciting fun, you can easily find some amazing parties to visit with your partner on Access the Swingers Clubs or Swingers Party link from their Home Page and there you will come across plenty of ongoing events and latest updates on Swingers in New York and around the US. The website list out the parties scheduled to happen in the area around you. You get to meet new people, explore their fantasies and choose to pick any one you want as per your sexual desires and needs. Browse the website and you will also find a compiled list of parties scheduled to take place at different corners of the world. Simply choose the parties that excite you and add them to your wish list.

So what are you waiting for? Simply browse the swinger’s website and look for the parties that you would want to attend and get going with your partner to have the most adventurous and exciting nightlife of your life.

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Swinger Facts You Should Know


Swinger relationships have become more acceptable today. They have become very popular in today’s society for many reasons and the most notable being; they eliminate cheating as well as spice up relationships. Swingers meet online or in real life to fulfill their own sexual fantasies/desires. The main intention of swinger relationships is to have a no-strings attached relationship.

Swinger Facts You Should KnowFor reserved or traditional individuals/couples, swinger relationships are considered taboo. It is however important to note that swinging is a choice. There is therefore nothing wrong with trying out a swinger relationship to add some spice to your love life. As long as both parties in the relationship agree, swinging can be beneficial. Also, keep in mind swinger rules should be followed to the letter for relationships to be beneficial. Swingers bound by swinging rules are known as real swingers. With that said, it is time to look at important swinger facts you should know.

1. Real swinger lifestyles began to expand with the internet: Forget about swinger relationship stories dating back to the sixties. Real swinging caught the attention of the world in the last few decades. Since then, swinger websites have been coming up to connect swingers around the world. The real swinger’s lifestyle has been proven to be safer than what many people think. This is because the lifestyle tackles infidelity in relationships.

2. Swinging is 100% safe for members: It is important to note that swinging doesn’t involve having unprotected sex with anyone. It is wise to have protected sex with everyone they meet at swinger clubs. It doesn’t matter if you trust a fellow swinger or not. You must use a condom at all times. Some swingers go a step further and ask for medical certification for assurance purposes.

Swinger Facts You Should Know3. Real swingers are usually in a relationship: This is another important fact to note about swinging. Forget the movies which show single guys living swinger lifestyles. Real swingers are supposed to be in relationships. If you are not a couple, forget about swinging. In fact most swinger clubs are exclusively for couples. Some may go as far as allowing single female members, however it is nearly impossible for a single man to enter a swinger club. It is also worth noting that real swingers are usually high class individuals with dignity and not just random bystanders.


With the above information, you have an idea what real swinging should be about. There is a misconception around swinging that makes it look bad. From the above facts, you shouldn’t have a problem seeing the benefits of a real swinger relationship.

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Why Choose SwingLifestyle.Com?

Why Choose SwingLifestyle.Com?The sexual revolution has begun, and aims to connect open-minded couples with each other. Couples who are looking for something new, something that will help them reanimate their relationships and spice things up in the bedroom. SwingLifestyle is a comprehensive, user-oriented website that is very easy to navigate: with only several clicks of the mouse, you can find real swingers near you and set up a live date in no time. If you have no time to waste and you are looking for a simple and straightforward website that will fulfill your lifestyle needs, then is the website for you!

However, this website does more than just connecting swingers with other like-minded people: if you are into themed parties, then the site can help you with that as well. Finding a swingers party has never been easier: the website allows you to meet swingers and connect through chat, groups or forums and read stories and other lifestyle articles so you can get a deeper insight into this wonderful world. There are no sexual taboos involved – you simply upload photos of you and your partners and write a detailed profile description of what you’re looking for out of this experience.  Once you state what you are looking for, other couples who are looking for the same things will surely contact you before you know it you’re on a swingers date. lists all the national parties from all the states in the US in a swinger’s directory: the parties are carefully grouped based on location and the date of the event. If you are looking for an upcoming party in your area, you can easily click on “This Week’s Party” and you will get a detailed list of all the events to choose from. Moreover, if you plan to organize a swinger party on your own, then you can easily add it to the list and make it visible, so that other people who might be interested in attending can get more detailed information about the event! is dedicated to providing a high-quality service to online swingers.  People who understand that swinging is a modern and pleasant lifestyle and are more than willing to take their privacy to the next level. No matter if you are curious about experiencing new things or you are already initiated and are looking to meet other swinger couples with no strings attached fun, the website can surely come in handy.

You can find other couples now by creating a free account (which takes less than 5 minutes) and enjoying everything the website has to offer!

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LifeStyle Magazine Free Download

Swingers Magazine - LifeStyle Magazine LifeStyle Magazine, the quarterly swingers publication, is still going strong and better than ever! It came out with a new design and has added a lot more interesting articles tailored to couples and single of the lifestyle.  Download your free PDF version of the winter 2013 issue, now available online.  You can also subscribe to receive the hard copy by mail for just $19.95 per year.

The new issue covers great lifestyle articles such as “Facts About Kissing” “Exercises for Couples” “Ten Ways To Surprise Your Lover” and much more.  The stars have aligned; see what the future holds when you take a look at your “Swinger Horoscope”.  The magazine is a great read, so curl up with your partner and read about what the lifestyle has in store for you.  It will also make a good addition to date night.

Hard copies of the magazine are available at swingers clubs across the US.  Be sure to pick up a copy the next time you visit.  If you don’t see any make sure to tell them that the magazines are available for free when swingers clubs, conventions and resorts become a distributor.

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Los Angeles Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act

Los Angeles Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry ActMeasure B also known as Los Angeles Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act passed with 56% of the Los Angeles County voters in favor of allowing condom use in adult films.  Producers of adult films in Los Angeles County will be required to obtain a public health permit, require actors to wear condoms in films and create an on-set inspection of the new rules.  Producers that fail to comply can face heavy fines as well as misdemeanor criminal charges.

Producers are already looking for ways around this new law and are threatening to take their business to others counties or even as far as other states.  The law does not apply to Pasadena nor Long Beach as it turns out that the requirement for permits doesn’t apply to cities that operate their own public health dept.   Some have also considered moving productions to San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas or even Miami, although productions of adult films are only legal in California and Nevada.  Producers are not excited to leave or uphold the new law, but are planning on fighting this new law before packing their bags.

The bigger question here is how this new law will affect your viewing pleasures?  Some in the industry like porn star Jessica Drake already use condoms in porn and people still watch her movies.  So although some people don’t want to see condoms being used in porn, there are about 68% of people in an online pole say that the sight of condoms would not affect their viewing pleasure.

What do you think; we would like to hear from you!   Would you get turned off by the sight of condoms in porn?  How will this change affect swinger’s party in the future?

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North American Swing Club Association (NASCA)

The North American Swing Club Association (NASCA) established in 1980 is a database of clubs, events, and other resources directed at promoting the swinging lifestyle.  It is a window to the world of swinging that provide its members and swinging organization the resources they need to become successful in the lifestyle.

Do you have a club, swingers publication, or are you a swinging couple active in the lifestyle?  Become a member of NASCSA and get a membership card, emblem pin, personal ads and more when you join this swinging community.

Some of their members include SwingLifeStyle an internet site for swingers, Ambiance Resort a lifestyle resort located in Jamaica, Vegas Exchange a swinger’s convention set to take place in Lave Vegas 2013 and many other lifestyle businesses and services.

The website provides swingers and those interested in the lifestyle with up to the minute news and other information about the lifestyle.    Get answer to questions such as “What is swinging”, “Who Are Swingers” “What is Sex in Swinging Like” and more.  All you need to know about the lifestyle is at your fingertips, visit NASCA today!

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Swingers Magazine Free Download

Swingers Magazine Free Download Want to keep up to date on the happenings in the swinging lifestyle, then download the most recent issue of LifeStyle Magazine.  This swinger’s publication is published quarterly and focuses on articles, couples questions, hot travel destinations, lifestyle resorts and other articles tailored to the lifestyle.

They continue to be the public voice for this infamous society and advance the goals of the lifestyle.  Download your issue of the newest summer 2012 edition now.

This latest issue covers “Couples Questions” where they answer questions and concerns relating to dating and sex from real live swingers in the lifestyle.  They also cover Tips to consider for your next swinger event, as well as lifestyle destinations such as Thailand, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

They follow it up with a great article on “Genetically Modified Foods” as well as “Keeping Things Fair” which is a way for swingers to avoid setting up expectations that they can’t deliver on.  All of these are great lifestyle articles that swinging couples would find interesting, so Download Now.

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Vegas Exchange Convention

Vegas Exchange is a swinger’s convention that has evolved from International Swingers Day (ISD) to be the biggest swinger’s event of the decade! Vegas Exchange will be held at the beautiful Palms Hotel & Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada from Aug. 7 – 11, 2013.

Vegas Exchange 2013 at The Palms Casino Resort

Swingers from all over will converge on the party Capital of the world, Las Vegas, Nevada at the Palms Resort & Casino for a takeover of over 1000 rooms.  This ultra-chic resort has luxury suites and fantasy playrooms, fine and casual dining, nightclubs and bars, concert and movie theaters, casinos and gaming, pools, spas and much more.  This is the perfect venue for a Swingers Lifestyle Convention.

Vegas Exchange 2013 will be packed with nightly themed events, pool parties, carnival, live entertainment, seminars and retreats.  Dance to the high energy Latin sounds of Las Vegas’ own Claudine Castro who will be performing every Sunday in The Lounge.

Are you interested in becoming an exhibitor, affiliate or a sponsor of Vegas Exchange 2013?  Contact Mari for more information at (754) 300 – 2444 or email:

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