How to Be a Dominatrix

How to Be a Dominatrix

Swingers DatingAs you may already know, “Dominatrix” is a term used to describe a woman that is dominant, be it in a sexual or romantic relationship. Also referred to as a “mistress”, the dominatrix takes the leadership role during sexual intercourse as she dominates the man, who is commonly known as a “slave”. In this case, the man would be considered the submissive in the relationship and abiding by all the rules set by the dominatrix. The two mutually agree on the aspects that are to be controlled, and on the boundaries that ought to be respected.

People often engage in a dominant-submissive relationships because they have a strong urge to be dominated, humiliated (be it sexually, verbally or physically) or because they want to feel powerful. If you are thinking about becoming a dominatrix, here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Set Boundaries 

How to Be a DominatrixThe first and most important thing about being a dominatrix is to understand that there is a limit. Even when your submissive tells you to stop, part of the fun is not stopping and continuing with what you have to do. Some men get off when they feel pain or humiliation, but if you push it too far and you take your dominant side a mile further, this can break the trust and bond you have established with your submissive. Have a safe word that both parties agreed upon, before you start a dominating session. When you, as a dominatrix, hear the safe word – you need to stop what you are doing immediately!

  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment 

Curiosity is perfectly normal, and people will want to experiment sooner or later in life. When engaging in a dominant-submissive relationship, there are many things you can experiment with, as the field of BDSM is quite complex. There are a few things you can try like mouth gags, restraints (handcuffs, ropes), blind folds that will prevent the slave from seeing what’s next, and you may even be interested in checking out some BDSM toys as well. Part of being a good dominatrix is giving pleasure. Both parties involved in a dominant-submissive relationship is supposed to experience pleasure, not just one party.

  1. Dress As A Dominatrix! 

In order to be a dominatrix, you must dress and act like one. However, it is extremely important to know where your role stops – contrary to popular belief, only a very small percentage of those who engage in a slave-master relationship actually play the role on a non-stop basis. While being a dominatrix is still considered as taboo in many countries, in some countries (especially in assigned districts) it is not uncommon to see dominant women walking their slaves down the street.

That being said, it is important to understand the “dress code” that applies to dominant women. You can choose to be on the classy side or you can choose to be on the rough, hardcore side with chains, whips and piercings. Your clothes should be dictated by the extent of your role, by your personality and allure and by your preferences. Generally speaking, dominant women like to wear leather or latex closed coupled with high heel How to Be a Dominatrixstilettos or boots and revealing undergarments.

  1. Role Play

Inside The World Of A Dominatrix shows how some women choose to become dominatrix. Some for fun and the sexual arousal, while others do it for money. Regardless of the reasons, it is very important to stay discrete with all the men (or women) that you meet for dominating sessions. People who engage in BDSM activities usually live perfectly normal and healthy lives, although some of the slaves may be carried away by the entire game and insist on getting more. This is why it is advised to set the boundaries and to avoid revealing personal information. Being a dominatrix is a role play done for pleasure, and that is how it should stay. Everybody has a private life and a public life, and one’s right to a private life should always be respected.

  1. Stay Open-Minded 

One of the most important characteristics of being a dominatrix is your mentality. Try to be as open-minded as possible. Never judge those you have interactions with (especially as a dominatrix), and never underestimate your slave as submissive parts can come from various backgrounds and they can have different academic training.

Want to know how to dominate a dominating woman? Try here: Top tips on dominating a dominant woman

Hedonism Resort, a Secret Swingers Retreat


Hedonism JamaicaAs a swinger, it is enjoyable to take advantage of lifestyle friendly resorts when deciding where to vacation. Hedonism, Jamaica is one such swinger’s resort that allows you the option of embracing the lifestyle while on their premises. It offers a great all inclusive vacation package so you won’t break the bank when planning your swinger vacation. You should try and book in advance to ensure availability as Hedonism tends to be a lifestyle destination favorite. Failure to book in advance can lead to you being inconvenienced and not enjoying the vacation you had hoped. You can book in advance through their website or contact a swinger travel agent like Topless Travel for upcoming destination events.

Here are some benefits that you will enjoy once you decide to visit a swingers resort.

Swingers Meet & Greets

Making new friends in the lifestyle may be something that is more difficult for you. While visiting a swingers resort, there are multiple Meet & Greets that are helps so swinger couples can get to know each other and connect of a social level before play. Through making new friends, you can easily improve your life with the exchange of new ideas. Some of the bonds and friendship created at these events are long lasting friendships that Hedonism Resortend up making a positive and lasting effect on your social life.

Swinger Parties

Whether you decide to go with a group or just for a romantic get away with your partner, there are great swinger parties that are held on site. If you are in the mood to stay up all night dancing, there are live music and entertainment, or you can visit the worlds famous Club Hurricane for all the latest mix. In addition, you can spend all your night while dancing to good music at the nightly themed events that are held for swingers where the party extends to their onsite playrooms. In case you like singing there is also a place where you will be able to play piano. As a way of breaking the monotony of your everyday routine attending any one of the swinger parties or events at the swingers resort will lead to an erotic experience.

Spa and Massage Services

A vacation wouldn’t be complete without some time for relaxation and rejuvenation. After attending a swinger’s events at Hedonism Resort, the Spa is the best place for you to recoup. There are spa and massage services offered by highly experienced experts that you can utilize at the resort. Make it a couples experience with a couples massage by the beach. This is a great way for you and your partner to unwind and experience such pleasure together. The massage services is also a great way to overcome any stress that hedo-massageyou may be experiencing.

Adult Excursions

In case you are a fan of water-skiing or windsurfing, these are some of the activities you will also enjoy while at the resort. They also expose you to different tourist attractions and excursions such as naked volleyball, skinny dipping in the ocean, snorkeling, scuba diving or glass bottom boat rides. It will be a great fun filled adventure that you get to experience with other swingers. If you have never participated in any of these activities before, not to worry, there are instructors on site that will help to get you started and allow you the chance to enjoy the game. Engaging in these excursions is also a great way to get to know others while visiting a swingers resort.

Top 10 Nude Beaches For Swingers In Florida

Swingers In Florida Nude BeachesIf you want to get a natural, uniform tan without having to worry about those unaesthetic tan lines, then you should take nude beaches into account – leave your inhibitions at home and get a nice, even tan! Besides, you don’t even have to spend money on a new swimsuit, since you won’t need it here!

Rules and regulations vary from one state to another (and even from one beach to another), if you plan on visiting a nude beach. This is why we highly recommended that you check the local ordinance changes before getting undressed. Having said that, here are the top 10 nude beaches in Florida:

1. Hobe Sound Beach

The Hobe Sound Beach is somewhat exclusive given the fact that it is surrounded by mansions of various Hollywood stars and famous singers – as a matter of fact, on this beach you can see lots of celebrities and VIPs who go to sunbathe. The beach is not crowded at all and it is ideal if you are looking for a discreet nude beach with a secluded little piece of sand.

2. Playalinda Beach

If you simply want to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city, then the Playalinda Beach is certainly a great choice. This is one of the most popular choices for nudists, as the white sandy beaches and the crystal clear waters attracts many people each day. However, it must be mentioned that there are not many restroom facilities around Playalinda Beach, and this may be a bit of an inconvenience for some. Get your sun lotion and your tanning kit and be ready to enjoy a sunny afternoon on this nude beach in Florida!

3. The Haulover Beach 

Florida Swingers Nude Beaches Known by all Florida Swingers, most attend this beach before heading out to Trapeze swingers club. Are you tired of those nosy teenagers who always carry binoculars with them to stare at you while sunbathing naked? Then the Haulover Beach is certainly the best beach to go. Here you can find designated nude bathing areas where you do not have to worry about anything and anybody – just be yourself and enjoy the nature at its fullest! This is why the beach is always crowded and full of people of all ages and body types.

4. The Apollo Beach 

Naturalists have been going to Apollo Beach for decades to sunbathe nude, and that is no longer a secret for anyone. Disrobing is tolerated here, as long as beach goers do not interfere with the other people around. This beach is also relatively close to Daytona, where nudists can find lodging that is especially designed for them!

5. St. Lucia Inlet State Preserve

This beach is close to the first nude beach on this list – Hobe Sound. However, it must be mentioned that this area is not especially designated for nude bathing, therefore you are disrobing at your own risk.

6. South Beach

Both naturalists and nudists can sunbathe on South Beach without the hassles! The beach is actually very welcoming with a partying and care-free atmosphere are in the air. However, the clothing-related laws vary, so just do what the others do! Here you can find many special nudist-friendly sun bathing areas to choose from.

Swingers in Florida Nude Beaches7. The Gulf Islands National Seashore

The Gulf Islands National Seashore is somewhat deserted, and this aspect has attracted nudists for many years. The area is very discreet and secluded with many nudists visiting on a yearly basis.

8. The Navarre Beach

The Navarre Beach is by far one of the most popular nudist beaches in Florida. However, the daily security patrol sets the disrobing rules, so they vary day to day, this is why caution is advised. Keep your clothes next to you if you plan on sunbathing naked on Navarre Beach, just in case the patrol comes!

9. John D. MacArthur Beach State Park

This Park is situated near the Air Force Base, where nudists frequented three decades ago. Even though the place is not specially designated for nudists, naturalists and nudists still visit and get undressed to enjoy nature the best way they can. Provided that you stay within the park’s boundaries and you are discreet enough, you should not experience any problems.

10. St. Vincent Wildlife Refuge

Last but not least, this nude beach allows you to disrobe and feel natural without having to worry about anything. The beach is isolated and you will have to rent a boat to get here. The sole disadvantage when it comes to St. Vincent Wildlife Refuge is that there is no lifeguard around, and no modern amenities can be found here. This is why the island is mainly visited by nudists and eco-tourists.

The Benefits of Cuckolding

The Benefits of Cuckolding In most cuckold cases, the men are not able to sexually satisfy their wives. This means that those ladies who will stick to their partner is not being satisfied in bed. Besides, most men are not aware of other techniques and that is where cuckolding comes in play. Cuckolding type of relationship is where a man watches his lady being pleased sexually by other men. You may think it sound strange but there are a few key benefits of this type of relationship.

  1. The Woman Will Be Satisfied 

Not being able to enjoy sex with your partner can put a strain on a relationship. Some women are sexual beings and crave the contact and release from intercourse. In cuckolding, the woman will have a chance of enjoying what other men have to offer and what her partner can’t give her when it comes to sex. Most of the couples who take part in this type of relationship have something they want to achieve and one of them may be sexual satisfaction. Therefore for those ladies who are always complaining of not being satisfied, maybe this is a lifestyle you may want to explore with your partner.

  1. Discover New Ways of Intercourse

The Benefits of Cuckolding There are some sex positions and styles that can allow a couple to enjoy sex even if a partner is unable to fulfill the act of intercourse. A man may not know the best ways he can satisfy his partner without intercourse and a swinger bull may be able to give him a few pointers. The best way to be exposed to such styles is by indulging in cuckolding relationship. The man is supposed to watch his lady have sex with other men who can give him ideas on other ways to please his partner sexually. In the process, he will be copying some styles where the lady is enjoying most. This will give him a chance to realize more pleasurable sex styles and this can actually improve their way of doing and enjoying sex.

  1. It Will Build the Trust between the Couples

Obviously the couples who take part in such a relationship have no reasons to cheat on each other. Their problems are purely sexual and will be solved once the woman is being satisfied. If a lady wants more sexual pleasures, she can suggest it to her partner that they go this type of relationship instead of cheating. In fact it is very rare to have such couples cheat in their relationship.

Swingers Club Directory

Swingers DirectoryIf you are interested in the swinger’s lifestyle, then search our swingers’ directory for a list of swingers clubs near your location. Most of the couples, single males and females who are a part of the lifestyle use such a directory to help them find a suitable swinger club in their vicinity to satisfy their sexual desires. has released such a directory to help such people.

In fact most people do not know about the swingers clubs present within their locality. This directory informs them of such clubs, the ones they can visit for convenience to satisfy their sexual urge. Such directory is like an added advantage for the people interested in satisfying their sexual desire at minimum cost.

Swingers DirectoryFinding a nearby swinger club

A swinger club directory provides a complete list of swingers clubs available in your area and nationally for you to choose as per your suitability. You can search for clubs by name or zip code. You can also get other information about the club of your choice including the facilities and amenities provided.

Search for verified clubs in your state

Although you can search online for swingers clubs, they information given doesn’t say whether or not the club is verified. What that means is, swinger couples have actually visited the club and knows it exist and had an amazing time. This directory give you an up to date list of more than 900 verified swingers clubs around the world. With just the click of a button, you can get complete information about it.

An added advantage for novice swingers

This swinger club directory has a complete list of all the swingers clubs in your state. If you’re not familiar with them, being a novice swinger, simply access the directory and click on your state. There you will find a complete list of swingers club by the state for you to choose from.

Other information provided by the directory

This swinger club directory also provides you the inside information of the swingers clubs through text articles. You can read these articles to know more about the swinger lifestyle. Moreover if you want to join a swinger club to enjoy the lifestyle, then you can join the swinger forums offered to prepare you mentally in this regard. This directory also allows you to know about new swingers joining the forum and chat with them online to expand your contact list.

Thus swinger club directory does not disappoint anyone as it gives a complete list of swingers clubs and additional useful information for the swinger’s community.

swingers directory

The Only Swinger Cruise of 2015

2015's Only Swingers CruiseUnleash The Party Animal in you with 2015’s Only Swingers Cruise! The cruise that will host over 1400 couples, seeks to bring together like minded adventurous couples and provides them with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore exotic destinations and a wide range of water sports and fun games.

Don’t miss the most talked about swinger’s cruise happening in 2015 on board the Celebrity Silhouette. Judging from past experiences, this cruise promises a spectacular vacation experience that not only features on-ship events and entertainment, but wild exciting nightlife entertainment options, themed-events, amazing parties floating playrooms and Meet & Greets to socialize and have a good time. Relax and enjoy top notch entertainment and an unforgettable culinary experience filled with great food and melt-your-mouth wines. Soak up the sun and enjoy the clean fresh sea air and cool breeze on your bare skin.

The swingers cruise offers a way to socialize unapologetically in the fresh air of the open sea. Act out your fantasies and keep the fun and spark alive in your relationship by letting 2015's Only Swingers Cruisego and enjoying the ship’s spa clubs, Fortunes casino, lawn club, restaurants, bars and lounges as well as fitness centers. Experience an unforgettable shopping experience in the modern stylish boutiques and jewelry stores.

The Celebrity Silhouette has an impressive 85% balcony cabins and offers a 5 star experience in terms of entertainment areas, food and wine. It will make three stops- Cozumel(Mexico), Falmouth(Jamaica) and Labadee(Haiti) where fun activities such as snorkeling, exploring Mayan ruins, para-sailing, wave runner rides, kayaking, swimming with dolphins and bamboo rafting to mention but a few will be available.

The Celebrity Silhouette will depart Fort Lauderdale, Florida and since the cruise is scheduled to start from November 29 to December 6, 2015, early booking is the key to getting on the highly anticipated swingers cruise. Topless Travels provides you with the opportunity to book early, familiarize yourself with the ship’s details as well as keep tabs on any information that comes up.

Swingers Websites: Top Swinger Site Reviews

wife sharingSwinging has been around since the dawn of times and trying to find a swingers website with the most people and best experience can be even harder.  Nowadays there are several swingers websites popping up daily and if you join a small site with little to no members then you will not have any fun what so ever.  Research has been done into the top sites and broken down into swingers dating, Swingers travel and swingers blog.

#1 Rated Swingers Website for Dating:  Swinglifestyle


SwingLifestyle is the oldest and longest running website starting back at the beginning of 2000.  Since Swinglifestyle is so old, this site has the most members. The good news it that because this site is older and has the most members they still give FREE memberships which is another reason this site is the largest. With a free membership you can send emails and get together with whomever you click with. the only down side is that you are limited to how many emails you can send each day. They do offer a paid membership which is cheap but most people just pay the lifetime membership and enjoy sex on the site.

Swinglifestyle offers:

Swingers Dating:  Meet couples, single females and engage in sex with whom you click with.

Swingers Forums: From here you can discuss other swinger related topics or just information on sex within these forums.
 Swingers Groups: Join a swinger  group and attend their parties and get access to all their happenings or form your own swinger group with your friends.
 Swingers Clubs: Find a local swinger club and attend a sexy event with your loved one. Swinglifestyle lists all the swinger clubs in the US and abroad so if you are travelling you can find one to your locale.
Swinger Stories: Like sex stories? Swinglifestyle offers complete sex stories and has one of the largest archives for sex stories online today.
Swinger Party: Find a local, or national party with like minded people Make sure to check back daily or even hourly because parties are listed all the time.

#1 Rated Swinger Travel Company: Topless Travel

Desire ResortInterested in swinger travel? Topless Travel is a travel company created by swingers for swingers. Topless Travel is one of the most trusted name for couples in the Lifestyle. Topless travel offers swingers cruises, swingers resorts and so much more.

Topless Travel Offers:

Swinger Cruises Looking for a cruise with Lifestyle members only? Topless Travel has amazing clothing optional full ship takeovers created for lifestyle-swinger oriented couples only.

Swinger Resorts:

Hedonism Jamaica  Hedonism Jamaica Hedonism by  definition is “pleasure” is the ultimate importance. Hedonism is a debaucheries adventure  for your inner child. This nude resort is one of the most sought after by swinger couples worldwide.

Hedonism IIFor more than thirty years, Hedonism Resorts have enjoyed a reputation for shattering inhibitions and provoking the kind of behavior people don’t talk about in polite circles. It’s what happens when you let loose here.

Desire Resort – This resort is a tempting one with clothing optional retreats where every moment is a delicious adventure that satisfies dreams and awakens the senses. Amenities and services at these all-inclusive resorts are cleverly designed to pamper and please passionate couples that seek an inspiring and fulfilling holiday experience that will leave them fully renewed.

Meet Cave Spring Swingers

There are a lot of swingers in Cave Spring. Due to the position of Cave Spring as a suburb to Roanoke, it easy to connect with others in the lifestyle. You may also want to connect with Cave Spring swingers if you’re planning on traveling to the area. It can be a bit challenging for you to meet swingers although they are free minded people. If this is the case, it all comes down to planning. The easiest way would be to connect with other swingers through an online swingers dating website like

A website such as is very popular where you can meet thousands of swingers nationally. Connecting with swingers on the swingers dating site would help you get a feel of the place and where all the happenings of the lifestyle is located. This is due to the fact that the area has a lot of swingers who Meet Cave Spring Swingers learn about different swing lifestyle events online. Once you become a regular visitor to this adult dating website, you will achieve great success by in interacting with many Cave Spring swingers.

Some benefits of a swingers dating website.

Swingers Personals

Get to know other swingers from Cave Springs by reviewing their online profile. Their profile will give you a bit of background information about them such as their likes, dislikes, fantasies etc. and you can decide if you share similar interests. See what they look like through online photos and even set up a web chat so you can meet them live online before meeting face to face. It may take away the awkwardness of going on a blind date.

Swingers Clubs

So you’re in Cave Spring and want to visit a swingers club? How do you know where to go? has a list of swingers clubs in your area. The website has made it real easy to locate a club near you. Simply create a free account and enter the zip code of your present location in the profile setting of your account. The click on the clubs tab in the left navigation bar and it will give you a list of swingers club closest to your location. Once you have chosen a club, you can view the club profile page for upcoming parties and events. You can also view the attendee list for swingers who will be at that event and you cMeet Cave Spring Swingers ould contact them and let them know your new/visiting the area and want to connect. This is the easiest way to meet swingers Cave Spring swingers.

Lifestyle Education

The swinger’s website has a wealth of information that you can use to learn more about swingers and the lifestyle in general. The host a swingers blog that keep updated with swingers news, humor, parties and other events as well provide a swingers guide to newbies and veterans of the lifestyle. They also host a swingers forums where you can ask questions and get feedback from real swingers in the lifestyle or join a group of other swingers with similar interest.

Swinging is a lifestyle and SwingLifeStyle is the swingers community for lifestylers.

Meet With Thousands of College Station Swingers in Texas Easily

College Station Swingers Texas is known as the Lone Star State and a great place to meet swingers. If you’re visiting College Station, to find your time in Texas really enjoyable, make arrangements and organize a meet and greet with other swingers. This can be easily achieved if you interact with swingers online. is the best website for you to connect with college station swingers. Easily interact with Texas swingers thru chat, email or other forms of communication there on the website. This will save plenty of time for you to do some sightseeing in the day and party with other swingers at night. There are a great number of young college station swingers In case you are interested in meeting younger swingers.

Here are a couple benefits of using, the best swingers dating website for College Station swingers.

College Station Swingers Interact with many college station swingers within the shortest time possible

The website allows you to interact with as much local college station swingers as possible. It is popular among them, so that’s the best place for you to connect with other swingers in that area. There you’ll be able to organize meet and greets or fine out more about local swinger parties or clubs in the area.

Provide a list of the best college station swingers clubs

The website uploads necessary information about popular swingers clubs in and around Texas. After you become a regular visitor to the website, you will be kept up to date of parties and other events being held for college station swingers. It’s best to know where the swingers clubs are located in Texas, instead of wasting your time trying to locate one.

After you learn about the parties, you can organize and attend which will increase your chances of getting intimate with different swingers in Texas. Remember it is necessary for you to know about the parties in advance so that you will get prepared adequately.

How to find a Swinger Club Near You

How to find a Swinger Club Near YouHas the desire to start swinging geared up the urge of finding a swingers club near you? Or you’re traveling on business and/or personal matters and want to engage in play? Access a swingers club directory entertainment options to satiate your sexual desires. With the inception of swinger clubs directories, people more often find it easier to locate a swinger clubs near them. It has acted like a boon to the people looking to let their hair down and satisfy desires with minimal cost.

There are many swingers club directories online, but only SwingLifeStyle has a list of verified clubs. They offer an extensive list of hundreds of verified clubs here in the US and worldwide. To make it easier, the directory has a world map. You can click on you place to see the list of clubs near you.

Simply access the website and click on swingers club in the left navigation. From there you can access the State/Country and see a list of clubs in your region. If you have never been in the swinger lifestyle, you may not know the name of the swinger clubs in your locality. The directory will list out all the clubs nearby you in your desired radius.

How to find a Swinger Club Near YouIf you are living in a city that has no swinger clubs, you can search for the clubs in a city nearby you. The sole aim of the directory is to help you locate the clubs to fulfill your desired.

If you are familiar with the name and want more information or the address of that club, about the club, then search by name get more information on the amenities, location, etc. to make sure the club that suits your needs.

In addition to the swinger’s directory, SwingLifeStyle offers additional information about the swinger lifestyle. There are articles listed on the site as well as swinger forums to make yourself ready before joining swinging lifestyle. You can join a swingers group. You can also check the swingers who are online now and chat with them if you feel like doing so. You can also see the new swingers who have recently joined the site and see their pictures that are available in the directory.