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The Voyeur Fetish in Swinging Explained

Watching others engage in intimacy and sex acts can be a powerful stimulator comparable to direct participation. Hence, the rise in demand for pornographic films and photos. However, voyeurs are common in the swinging lifestyle and can enjoy more variety in their sex life through mere observation.

What Is Voyeurism?

Voyeurism involves receiving sexual gratification by watching others who are undressing, naked, or participating in sexual activity. Those in the swingers lifestyle understand the importance of consent and boundaries before engaging in this fetish. The rewards with an agreeable partner can transform your sex life tremendously.

4 Ways to Practice Voyeurism In the Lifestyle

When a couple or group in the lifestyle agree to consensual voyeurism, it can become a respectful and responsible way to spice things up in bed or at playrooms.

Here are some of the top ways voyeurs indulge themselves.

1. Observe Your Partner Masturbating

If they are comfortable with it, ask your partner to masturbate or put on a show for you. Some like to hide nearby and watch, while others prefer being visible and making special requests to the other person. When observing, pay attention to how their body reacts, and attempt to incorporate some of those special moves into your routine sex life.

2. Watch a Bit of Live Video Porn

There are many websites that specialize in catering to voyeurs of all tastes. Masturbation, soft porn, LGBTQ-friendly and a variety of fetish categories. This is the best way to be a watcher from a distance.

3. Role Playing

Envision a role play scenario where you get to be a voyeur watching your partner or allow them to watch you if they like. Be sure to discuss with your partner to get permission and to see if it’s a turn on for them, too. Sometimes a sexy dance in lingerie or a hot shower scene can drive one over the top and open the doors to other ventures.

4. Watch Your Partner Be Intimate With Someone Else

Swingers and those in open relationships (or are considering it) might consider allowing their partner to have a soft or hard swap with another person. You might want to find another couple to play with, but be sure to have set rules and boundaries defined before making such arrangements.

Places to Indulge in Voyeuristic Fantasies

There are plenty of places to watch and be watched enjoying sexual relations. If you prefer to not be physically present to watch, check out online swingers sites, where many voyeurs can be found.

Swingers clubs often have special rooms with windows where others can watch those inside. Swinger resorts and cruises are often clothing optional, and nudity in and of itself can be a fetish. Should you want to go further, voyeur and swinger parties may take place locally, most of which are by invitation only.

This short guide can get you started in the world of watching and being watched. Remember, set firm guidelines with committed partners before participating in this swingers lifestyle realm.


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Sexual Adventures at Your Local Swingers Club


Every swingers club is different, but all of them focus on providing a safe environment where you can freely explore your sexuality. If this is your first time at a swingers clubs, it’s important to research the local clubs in your area to find out the one that’s right for you.

Swingers clubs are open to couples and single females. Some clubs will allow single male on a specific night or accompanied by a couple.  These clubs require that you become a member and pay an annual membership fee in addition to an entry fee. This helps weed out people from outside of the community who merely wish to watch and not engage, and it also helps to protect everyone in the club.

What to Expect in a Swingers Club

BDSM (Bondage – S&M or Sadism & Masochism) – Some clubs have a BDSM culture, while others will have it as a theme night. Bondage is a sexual fetish where restraints are used, sometimes a DOM or Dominatrix will administer discipline while other times there are
dungeons, people getting flogged, whipped, caned, spanked etc.

Closed Door Swinging – There are designated areas in an on premise swing club where the playrooms are located. These playrooms can be used for closed door swinging where couples can partake in sexual intercourse with other couples. This can include full swap or soft swap couples looking for privacy.

Double Penetration (DP) – This practice is where sexual partners are willing to engage in sexual intercourse, one in the vaginal cavity and another in the anal cavity at the same time. This can take place in a close door setting or in an open door setting if the couples don’t mind being watched.

Exhibitionism – Couples engage in sexual activity while others watch them for their own sexual pleasures.

Group Room – This is where the orgies happen. This is where the foursome and more-some happen.

Voyeurism – Couples watching others having sexual intercourse for their own pleasures.

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Many people imagine swingers clubs as being extravagant orgies where you can fulfill every sexual desire without repercussions. While this can certainly happen, it’s best to enter the club with more realistic expectations. If you’re going with a partner, it’s likely that you’ll start the night off by yourselves before meeting others. Feel free to fool around with your partner, and if a couple you like makes a move, then you have easy access to a foursome or more.

Depending on the layout of the club, you may start off by relaxing on a couch that can seat two or more. If you continue to engage with more people, you may be able to move off to a more secluded area that features larger couches, beds, or even props. This may be a private room that you have to reserve, or it may be a free-for-all where anyone can join. Depending on the atmosphere, joining an orgy can be as easy as asking permission and getting in bed. It all Depends on your comfort zone and desires, you can expect anything from kissing multiple new partners to oral sex, handjobs, fondling, and sex.

Swingers clubs usually get more sexualized throughout the night, and they may turn into full-blown orgies if the chemistry is right and the ambiance encourages it. However, you’ll still have to make the same small-talk and introductions that you would at any other event. Luckily, everyone is at the club for the same reason as you, and that’s for having a fun and safe sexual adventure. So whether you’re going alone or with a partner, keep your expectations realistic, put on a friendly face, and allow the night to unfold naturally to have the best experience possible. Once you find the right swingers club, you’ll  want to return for more!

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