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Erotic Spanking Tips – How to Please Your BDSM Sub

There is no lack of ways to have a bit of naughty fun in the bedroom, and impact play is one of the top spontaneous ‘go to’s’ for bold and experimenting couples. While those experienced in the BDSM lifestyle may be accustomed to the concept of erotic spanking, the art of pleasing a partner while engaging in the act can be illusive. We’re here to assist with a few tips to ensure success and maximum satisfaction for all involved.

Head for the Rear…But Don’t Forget the Rest of the Body

Impact play is the term used by swingers and vanilla couples when discussing any form of impact on one’s body for sexual gratification purposes. Naturally, the rear end is a great starting point to explore any desire to find pleasure in the pain.

However, just about any part of the body can be the target zone for various forms of spanking, as the stimulation increases blood flow and can drive a routine sex session to an entirely higher plane of satisfaction. Maximize on this concept with attention to not only the butt but keep the nipples, groin and other sweet spots on the menu.

Hands, Paddles & Whips…Oh My!

There’s no need for expensive toys or massive forethought to get into impact play, but they can be a turn on that your sub just loves. Every instrument delivers a different sensation, but newbies will likely begin their erotic spanking journey with a hand. Those new to the experience, can also start small and use what they have handy around the home.

If both partners find it pleasurable, things can get a bit hotter and more intense with some toys common in the BDSM lifestyle like whips, floggers, and perhaps even pair the experience with some soft bondage implements.

Mix It Up: Alternate Between Spanks, Rubs & Squeezes

While spanking can be a divine experience in and of itself, it can be taken to a whole new level of sensations when the paddle zones are also caressed with rubs and squeezes. Mixing it up can establish a memorable and highly erotic spanking session. Change the shape of the hand, the speed and frequency and strength of these actions to keep things somewhat unpredictable for your sub and certainly more exciting.

Really Want to Know How Your Sub Gets Their Pleasure?

As with just about any situation involving a main partner or one in a swingers situation, the best way to find out what gets them off and heightens their pleasure is to ask! Communication is always the key, but do remember–subs love to be punished, so it’s okay to go off-script on occasion to discover other aspects of erotic spanking that are enjoyable but not yet realized.



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