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How To Have Safe and Fun Outdoor Sex

Partners don’t necessarily have to be swingers or lifestyle couples to enjoy the wonderful realm of outdoor sex. Communing with Mother Nature while coupling can bring couples and even groups closer together. To get things rolling in the great outdoors, there are a few safety tips and precautions to heed to make the experience one to remember and one you’ll want to repeat time and time again.

Be Prepared for Planned or Spontaneous Outdoor Sex

Not a lot is needed to get it on outside, and what you want to have on hand can easily be stored away in a duffle bag in the closet or trunk of the car for last minute outdoor rendezvous. Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Thick Towel or Blanket
  • Lube
  • Condoms
  • Baby Wipes or Cleanup Rag
  • Extra Clothes (Just in Case!)

Keep those knees, tails, backs and heads protected from pebbles, tree bark, shells and rough ground objects when exploring various sex positions. Bring that blanket, and pack up extra goodies like condoms and close to play it extra safe.

Avoid Probing Eyes, Cameras and Don’t Get Caught!

It’s understandable that some swingers get off at the idea of ‘getting caught’ while having sex. But, this is best left to remain a fantasy, as there can be legal repercussions, personal embarrassment or both. Remember, word gets around fast, especially if charged with lewd conduct officially or a child happens to see you.


The realities of getting caught by wandering eyes, people that crop up unexpectedly, critter cams or even worse, by law enforcement is the polar opposite of sexy. The law or anyone else can pull up on you quicker than you can get those pants pulled up! Find a safe spot that is rarely frequented or do the do on your own private property.

Some Location Ideas for Outdoor Sex

Some great places to engage in outdoor sex include the woods or a forest with plenty of trees and areas shielded from public view. Just be sure no one can hear you or see you! For a fantastic night under the stars, consider having a bit of romance on a camping trip, where you can take shelter in a cozy tent for cuddling afterwards.

Nearby a lake, river, pond or the beach is a perfect place to feel naturally sensual. The soothing sound of the water trickling or waves adds a sense of serenity to the experience. Adventurous lifestyle couples might get waist or neck deep in the water and dive into the action. Any bystanders will likely think you’re making out or just snuggling up, as they can’t see what goes on beneath the water line. You’ll want to lube up before underwater penetration.

Popular Sex Positions for Outdoor Sex

Assume the position anyway you please, but being outdoors can open up vast opportunities for new positions to achieve new heights of pleasure. Tree hugging is a top choice, just be wary of getting bark or branches in the wrong spots. When in the water, take a koala bear hug position or spoon for backside entry. Campers may try sex in a hammock, which is a feat all in of itself. Open up the outdoors into your sex life, and join Gaia in joyous copulation!

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