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Double Penetration – Explore A New Lifestyle Kink

If things get stale in the bedroom or it’s just time to try something new with your  partner, one of the most popular lifestyle kinks involves a sexual act called double penetration, or DP for short. However, DP isn’t just for those with an alternative lifestyle, as many people enjoy it as a part of their vanilla lifestyle with their monogamous partner.

Let’s explore what it is, what it involves and some tips for getting started with doubling up on sexual fun.

What is Double Penetration?

DP is the act of penetrating two openings in a sexual way, most typically the anus and the vagina. Double penetration can also involve inserting two body parts or sex toys into a single opening simultaneously. The versatile possibilities allow lifestyle couples to involve multiple partners or two people and a few toys—and can even be possible with one person with multiple toys or a dual-headed dildo.

Receiving penetration in the anus and vagina at the same time gives the receiver a feeling of fulness while creating a greater sense of tightness for the givers. This act can also stimulate the g-spot and the prostate for mind-blowing sexual pleasure.

Next, we’ll discuss what you need to proceed with DP and explore some tips for success.

Approaching & Preparing for DP With a Partner

When you’re ready to experiment with this type of play, there are a few key steps of ensuring a good time is had by all. It all starts with communication between participants. What are each person’s expectations, what do they want to experience, what are their fears, will others participate?

With those issues covered and a mutual agreement in place—including a safe word—it’s time to gather up the right tools for a comfortable and gratifying DP experience.


How to Prepare for DP

Once rules have been set in place, get ready for the experience with a few tools of the trade. In addition to any protection against pregnancy or STD, one will want to get lots of body-safe silicone or water-based lube. Anyone wanting to use toys will need to let the receiver of the DP an array of sizes and shapes of phallic-like dongs and plugs to explore with solo before the first attempt at double penetration. If role playing, BDSM or other fantasies are to be acted out, obtain supplies to make it possible!

DP Starter Tips

Participants should begin with foreplay such as finger or toy insertion in one orifice before trying out two in order to loosen up the receiver and increase their comfort level for something larger. During the double penetration, several approaches can be explored. A vibrator and an anal plug or a partner’s member or a dildo attached to a harness are good starting points.

Some lifestyle couples introduce a second partner for MFM or FMF double penetration exploits. Remember, this can involve two insertions into one hole or a combination of both, so the possibilities with toys and other playmates open the doors for a whole world of exploration! Don’t forget that aftercare is a perfect way to end a DP session and encourage opportunities for future experiences.

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