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Why Swinging Is the Go to Lifestyle for A Relationship Nowadays


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Every year divorce rates continue to soar, however those divorce rates are lower and somewhat non existent in swinger relationships.

Learn why Swinging is the go to lifestyle for a relationship nowadays, and it is increasingly growing in popularity all over. It definitely might be quite a bizarre lifestyle for some, indeed, but it has grown to be a popular practice among dating couples, and married ones alike. If you are new to the term “swinging”, let’s dial back a bit to completely grasp the concept here. Swinging is a crazy type of lifestyle where couples, normally referred to as swingers, are involved in an open relationship, allowing each other to have the freedom to sexually interact with other people outside their relationship, but only with the consent of the main partner. True, it is an unorthodox way to run a relationship, but if you are willing to follow the outlined rules, you can get involved in it. For that alone, having sexual interactions with different people with your partner’s consent, swinging has gained much popularity, and with that, a lot of benefits are tied to this new lifestyle.

The thrill of getting involved sexually with numerous partners outside your relationship itself tells it all, more so if the satisfaction that your main partner offers you isn’t enough, and someone else can readily give the satisfaction that you need and seek. Swinging, however, is ideal for those partners and couples who have built up a lot of trust between them, and in the long run they wouldn’t have an issue whatsoever, with the other getting involved with other mates. Be that as it may, it doesn’t at all limit the sex of the other mate, therefore, one can be involved with any mate of any sex one desires. More often than not, in this swinging game, couples may choose to find other couples, with whom to get involved with sexually, if at all both of the two, husband or wife, gets tired with the other, and still requires a bit of excitement and frisky feeling.

Before couples get into it, however, a lot of communication and discussions are involved in order to formulate the rules that work for them both, along with a clear definition of what their life together will look like. Additionally, proper planning is done accordingly in order to play along well.

Additional benefits include, creation of friendships outside the relationship, which double as sexual relationships that remain spiced up in the bedroom, and sexual excitement via role playing with various couples. Eventually, swinging is a way to get your ego boosted, self-esteem and mood raised, and leads to longer relationships since pressure is significantly reduced in the bedroom. Ideally, if you have a little problem being faithful, this is the sort of thing you need, while maintaining close ties with family, and most importantly, relationship with your partner.

As long as you remain honest, respectful to your partner, use protection, remain acknowledged of your STD status, and be precisely mindful of the mate you are to roll with, swinging is just the thing for you.

3 Ways To Get Into The Lifestyle

3 Ways To Get Into The Lifestlye “The Lifestyle” is the most common phrase used by swingers to describe their swinging non-monogamy kind of life. It is the fantasy of a majority of men to get into this kind of relationship but some are not able to do so because their partners cannot handle it. There are many factors to be considered before getting into this type of relationship. There is a certain style and technique that is required to get into the polyamorous lifestyle. To be successful in “the lifestyle”, a man needs to find the best and most convincing way to bring up the subject with his partner. He needs to find the most smooth and gentle way to get into it without appearing to be uncaring to his partner’s feelings. He also needs to find the perfect match with similar set of ideas to his own which will ensure that the lifestyle is long lasting and very successful.

1. Deeply Evaluate Yourself

Before embracing this kind of lifestyle, you must first comprehend all your motivations and reasoning which may be driving you away from settling on a monogamy lifestyle. To succeed, you must be very honest with yourself and be able to convincingly articulate your reasons for desiring a non-monogamous lifestyle to your partner. Be bold with yourself and your partners on the reasons why you really want to be poly-amorous.


For starters, write down the pros and cons that arise with this kind of relationship. This will let you understand the impacts and consequences of this type of s relationship. Provided that you are true to yourself, it should be very easy to communicate with others about your desires. Swinging is outside the norm of almost all societies and you will require a lot of patience to convince others of your genuine wishes and desires.

2. Connect With Like-minded People

It can be more or less difficult to meet like-minded people. This will highly depend on your locality and the type of relationship you want to indulge in whether it be public or discreet. You may start by searching online communities and forums. There are several sites where you are most likely to find your match. Some of these are; Craiglist, SwingLifeStyle and Okcupid just to name a few. On these dating sites, you start with casual encounters and get to learn the different personalities present and in the evaluation process you find your perfect match and state your case to them.

3 Ways To Get Into The Lifestlye To find these websites that are applicable to your neighborhood, just do a thorough research. In case you are lucky enough to live in a big city that has on-site swinger parties and clubs, you can easily find your perfect match by attending one of these parties. It is very much effective to meet people from your locality as you may easily relate to them and start off a very successful poly-amorous lifestyle.

3. Communication

It is important that you maintain an open communication with all current and future partners. Communication is easier and more effective if you first understanding your needs and desires and being able to articulate them clearly to others. Talking regularly about the sensitive matters affecting this type of relationship like practicing safer sex will help you to become more comfortable with your partners. You should also discuss your physical and emotional boundaries.

Swinging is not the norm in many societies as the lifestyle allows you to fully fulfill all your sexual desires. When you first get started, you may experience some setbacks. If you commit a mistake or an inconvenience, apologize meaningfully, clarify how it happened without offering excuses and move on. This undoubtedly will ensure that your swinging lifestyle is always full of happiness and is successful.

Making the Most of the Swinging LifeStyle


Making The Most Of The Swinging LifeStyleSwingers seem to have their own sense of passion when it comes to their sexual fantasies. Couples, who openly swap partners to have a night of passionate sex with other people and share similar interest, are said to be in a healthy and long-lasting relationship bond.

Having a passionate sex night with strangers is becoming a growing trend in the form of this new sexual relationship revolution. Those who swing believe that the rest of the monogamous couples are missing out on some great fun in their lives.

Forget the notion that the swinging lifestyle is only meant for middle-aged married couples, who have had their share of sexual adventure and are now looking to add more charm to their marriage. In fact, this lifestyle is majorly adopted by young couples from all ages and relationship statuses. Whether you are married or not, being in a relationship with your partner is the only requirement of adopting this lifestyle. The whole idea is to find something raw, exciting and wild, outside the monogamy of a married life. A lot of people participate in swinging, to break the routine and prevent boredom from sweeping into their marriage life.

Swingers in New York and Around the Globe

If you are in New York or any other State in the US and looking for some exciting fun, you can easily find some amazing parties to visit with your partner on SwingLifeStyle.com. Access the Swingers Clubs or Swingers Party link from their Home Page and there you will come across plenty of ongoing events and latest updates on Swingers in New York and around the US. The website list out the parties scheduled to happen in the area around you. You get to meet new people, explore their fantasies and choose to pick any one you want as per your sexual desires and needs. Browse the website and you will also find a compiled list of parties scheduled to take place at different corners of the world. Simply choose the parties that excite you and add them to your wish list.

So what are you waiting for? Simply browse the swinger’s website and look for the parties that you would want to attend and get going with your partner to have the most adventurous and exciting nightlife of your life.


North American Swing Club Association (NASCA)

The North American Swing Club Association (NASCA) established in 1980 is a database of clubs, events, and other resources directed at promoting the swinging lifestyle.  It is a window to the world of swinging that provide its members and swinging organization the resources they need to become successful in the lifestyle.

Do you have a club, swingers publication, or are you a swinging couple active in the lifestyle?  Become a member of NASCSA and get a membership card, emblem pin, personal ads and more when you join this swinging community.

Some of their members include SwingLifeStyle an internet site for swingers, Ambiance Resort a lifestyle resort located in Jamaica, Vegas Exchange a swinger’s convention set to take place in Lave Vegas 2013 and many other lifestyle businesses and services.

The website provides swingers and those interested in the lifestyle with up to the minute news and other information about the lifestyle.    Get answer to questions such as “What is swinging”, “Who Are Swingers” “What is Sex in Swinging Like” and more.  All you need to know about the lifestyle is at your fingertips, visit NASCA today!

Vegas Exchange Convention

Vegas Exchange is a swinger’s convention that has evolved from International Swingers Day (ISD) to be the biggest swinger’s event of the decade! Vegas Exchange will be held at the beautiful Palms Hotel & Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada from Aug. 7 – 11, 2013.

Vegas Exchange 2013 at The Palms Casino Resort

Swingers from all over will converge on the party Capital of the world, Las Vegas, Nevada at the Palms Resort & Casino for a takeover of over 1000 rooms.  This ultra-chic resort has luxury suites and fantasy playrooms, fine and casual dining, nightclubs and bars, concert and movie theaters, casinos and gaming, pools, spas and much more.  This is the perfect venue for a Swingers Lifestyle Convention.

Vegas Exchange 2013 will be packed with nightly themed events, pool parties, carnival, live entertainment, seminars and retreats.  Dance to the high energy Latin sounds of Las Vegas’ own Claudine Castro who will be performing every Sunday in The Lounge.

Are you interested in becoming an exhibitor, affiliate or a sponsor of Vegas Exchange 2013?  Contact Mari for more information at (754) 300 – 2444 or email: mari@vegasexchange.com.

How to Plan For a Swinger House Party

Swingers News - How To Plan A Swinger Party Swinger house parties are more discreet and normally by invitation only.  Announcements for such parties are normally broadcast on swinger’s website, where a community of open minded people in the lifestyle gets to connect with others.  If you are a part of the swinging lifestyle and want to plan a swinger house party, here are a few tips:

  •  Post your event on a swinger’s dating website to connect with local swingers in your area.  (Decide if you want a themed or non-themed party).
  • Try to advertise the event at least 30 days before the date, that way you are guaranteed a better than expected turnout.
  • Specify in the invite if it’s a BYOB event or if alcohol will be provided.
  • On the day of the event, make sure the property is clean and ready to receive guests.
  • If you are having a pool party, make sure the pool is clean and ready for use.
  • Specify the areas that will be designated as play areas and playrooms.  Also keep in mind that you may have smokers at the party, so you want to designate an area for that purpose as well.
  • Make sure there are clean sheets and towels available at all times by the play areas.
  • Condoms and lots of them should be everywhere, along with some sex toys, maybe a swing, and a cage etc., something to add a little spice to the party.
  • If you have kids make sure they stay with relatives or a neighbor, and if you have pets, the same, or put them in an unused room with some food and water.
  • Make sure you have enough parking to accommodate your guest.  Some neighbors may not like cars parked on their grass on in their driveway.
  • Have some music playing and some swinger adult videos on the tube, and get ready to receive your guest.


Swinging and Polyamory

Swinging and Polyamory

Is there a difference between swinging and polyamory? The answer is YES, but are they similar, kind of, let me explain. First off in polyamory  is a desire, practice or accepting the fact that you are in more than one relationship, whereas swinging you are in a relationship with a spouse/significant other and both allowed to play. There are multiple types of the poly lifestyle, such as polygynous and polyandrous. In order to understand polyamory you need to understand the two different types. First up is polygynous, which refers to one husband that has multiple wives. Next up is polyandrous, in which one wife has multiple husbands, although less common it does exist.

In a swinging relationship both the man and woman are faithful in a relationship to each other, but allowed to play, and are not married to more than one person. Some swingers and polyamory relationships have a live in person.  That three people together in the relationship is known as a triad. People who identify as polyamorous typically reject the view that sexual and relational exclusivity are necessary for deep, committed, long-term loving relationships. Sex is not necessarily a primary focus in polyamorous relationships. In swinging, there is usually lots of sex involved, and as mentioned polyamory is defined as rejecting the view that sex is needed for a long term relationship. Swingers are in long term relationships, and get into the lifestyle to create a better bond, add spice to the relationship etc.

The Swing Magazine – LifeStyle Magazine Back In Print

Swingers News - The Swing Mag-LifeStyle MagazineLifeStyle Magazine, a swinger’s publication, is back in print and better than before.  The first issue was released in 2004 and was well received by the lifestyle community.  The following issue garnered more interest into the lifestyle and quickly began to gain momentum among swinging couples, newbies and single people interested in the swinging lifestyle.  The magazine focuses on information and advice for seasoned swingers as well as people new to the lifestyle.  It provides great how to articles, tips and tricks that you may use to attain a higher level of satisfaction within your own relationships.

The new publication which is online and in print, answers question from swinging couples in the lifestyle, covers fashion tips and trends, highlights the latest news and swinging events within the lifestyle and covers some interesting articles that you can learn from and apply to your everyday life.  The swing lifestyle is growing faster than before and introducing some exciting new trends into the Lifestyle, International Swingers Day is one of those trends.

LifeStyle Magazine continues to work with the media to promote the swing community and to support acceptance by the general public.  Clubs, resorts, conventions and event planners can advertise for free when they distribute the magazine.  Be sure to visit and subscribe to LifeStyle Magazine and get your 1st year for free!

Mark Begelman