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LifeStyle Magazine Free Download

Swingers Magazine - LifeStyle Magazine LifeStyle Magazine, the quarterly swingers publication, is still going strong and better than ever! It came out with a new design and has added a lot more interesting articles tailored to couples and single of the lifestyle.  Download your free PDF version of the winter 2013 issue, now available online.  You can also subscribe to receive the hard copy by mail for just $19.95 per year.

The new issue covers great lifestyle articles such as “Facts About Kissing” “Exercises for Couples” “Ten Ways To Surprise Your Lover” and much more.  The stars have aligned; see what the future holds when you take a look at your “Swinger Horoscope”.  The magazine is a great read, so curl up with your partner and read about what the lifestyle has in store for you.  It will also make a good addition to date night.

Hard copies of the magazine are available at swingers clubs across the US.  Be sure to pick up a copy the next time you visit.  If you don’t see any make sure to tell them that the magazines are available for free when swingers clubs, conventions and resorts become a distributor.

Swingers Magazine Free Download

Swingers Magazine Free Download Want to keep up to date on the happenings in the swinging lifestyle, then download the most recent issue of LifeStyle Magazine.  This swinger’s publication is published quarterly and focuses on articles, couples questions, hot travel destinations, lifestyle resorts and other articles tailored to the lifestyle.

They continue to be the public voice for this infamous society and advance the goals of the lifestyle.  Download your issue of the newest summer 2012 edition now.

This latest issue covers “Couples Questions” where they answer questions and concerns relating to dating and sex from real live swingers in the lifestyle.  They also cover Tips to consider for your next swinger event, as well as lifestyle destinations such as Thailand, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

They follow it up with a great article on “Genetically Modified Foods” as well as “Keeping Things Fair” which is a way for swingers to avoid setting up expectations that they can’t deliver on.  All of these are great lifestyle articles that swinging couples would find interesting, so Download Now.

Free Online Swing Magazine

LifeStyle Magazine Swingers Publication The latest issue of the swinger’s publication, LifeStyle Magazine is now available online.  You can download the Spring 2012 digital version free of cost.  It’s in PDF format so make sure that you have Adobe Reader.  Please be patient and allow time for the magazine to download as it may take a few minutes.  If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download that here.

The new issue covers the best advice on swingers dating, the art of love making, living a healthy lifestyle and much more.   Interested in Tantra or Kama Sutra?  This issue covers expanding your sexual techniques through bliss states such as tantric sensory foreplay, secrets of the oral arts, Kama Sutra sex positions and other tempting treats.  They also feature a new product called Stamizyn, which helps increase sexual performance and stamina.  Lifestyle men can try the product for free, just pay shipping and handling.  Planning on taking a vacation soon?  The swinger’s publication also features hot destinations for a swinger’s vacation, whether you want to take an African Safari or lay out in the sun on a Clothing Optional Cruise.  The magazine has great vacation destinations at affordable prices, visit TopLess Travel for more details.

Access past issues of the magazine, or subscribe to receive a hard copy of our next issue coming out this July.  Clubs, resorts, conventions and other swinger related events product or service can advertise for FREE if they distribute LifeStyle Magazine.  Call 754-300-2436 for details.

Download Your Free Online Copy of Swingers Magazine

Download Your Free Online Copy of Swingers Magazine - LifeStyle MagazineLifeStyle Magazine is a free magazine for swinging couples and singles in the lifestyle.  It covers great articles like the best Chinese herbs that can help to improve your sex life.  It discusses ways to maintain a healthy swinging lifestyle and why portion control in dieting is not the answer.  It also outlines the major factors to weight gain and how to overcome them.

Cheating on a spouse can be the end all of most relationships, as was true in the case of Tiger Woods, Peter Cook, Jude Law, Marilyn Manson, Kobe Bryant and a whole lot more.  These are just some of the celebrities that cheat on their spouses, but non-celebs cheat on their partners all the time, but you don’t hear about those stories, unless it hits real close to home.  This magazine takes a look at the difference between cheating and swinging.  The magazine title Swinging vs. Cheating takes a closer look at open marriages and why marriages in the lifestyle tend to have a higher success rate than those outside the lifestyle.

Read articles from actual lifestyle couples on how they got started in the lifestyle and what the lifestyle mean to them.  The swingers magazine also highlight the best place to take your swingers vacation, Hedonism anyone?  Find a list of swingers club near to you and upcoming swinger’s events and conventions.

The New Fall 2011 Edition of LifeStyle Magazine is Online

The New Fall 2011 Edition of LifeStyle Magazine is OnlineThe swinger’s publication just published the new 2011 edition to their website.  Filled with great articles, exotic swinger stories and lifestyle events and conventions, LifeStyle Magazine is a must read.  You may access the magazine articles directly online, or subscribe for your free copy; the magazine will be delivered discretely.  Stay informed and up to date on the happening of the swinging lifestyle.

The new publication covers interviews with real lifestyle couples, how they got started and what the lifestyle means to them.  Letters from our readers and couples questions, they may surprise you.  It also covers great articles on how to maintain a healthy swinging lifestyle, both sexually and physically.  “How to Make Your Semen Taste Sweet” is just one of the interesting articles you will read about in the new issue.  Exotic swinger stories you can enjoy about couples first time or learn how pick up other lifestyle couples through our swinging tips section.

Got an article you want to share? Or even some images you want to contribute to the magazine?  LifeStyle Magazine is a swinger’s publication by swingers so they welcome all feedback, suggestions, articles or anything else you would like to contribute to make the magazine the best swinger’s magazine in circulation to date.  Got a swingers Club? Don’t have the magazine; get your free copies today!  LifeStyle Magazine provides free advertising to clubs, resorts and conventions willing to distribute the magazine, so call 754-300-2436 for more information.

The Swing Magazine – LifeStyle Magazine Back In Print

Swingers News - The Swing Mag-LifeStyle MagazineLifeStyle Magazine, a swinger’s publication, is back in print and better than before.  The first issue was released in 2004 and was well received by the lifestyle community.  The following issue garnered more interest into the lifestyle and quickly began to gain momentum among swinging couples, newbies and single people interested in the swinging lifestyle.  The magazine focuses on information and advice for seasoned swingers as well as people new to the lifestyle.  It provides great how to articles, tips and tricks that you may use to attain a higher level of satisfaction within your own relationships.

The new publication which is online and in print, answers question from swinging couples in the lifestyle, covers fashion tips and trends, highlights the latest news and swinging events within the lifestyle and covers some interesting articles that you can learn from and apply to your everyday life.  The swing lifestyle is growing faster than before and introducing some exciting new trends into the Lifestyle, International Swingers Day is one of those trends.

LifeStyle Magazine continues to work with the media to promote the swing community and to support acceptance by the general public.  Clubs, resorts, conventions and event planners can advertise for free when they distribute the magazine.  Be sure to visit and subscribe to LifeStyle Magazine and get your 1st year for free!

Mark Begelman