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The Swing Magazine – LifeStyle Magazine Back In Print

Swingers News - The Swing Mag-LifeStyle MagazineLifeStyle Magazine, a swinger’s publication, is back in print and better than before.  The first issue was released in 2004 and was well received by the lifestyle community.  The following issue garnered more interest into the lifestyle and quickly began to gain momentum among swinging couples, newbies and single people interested in the swinging lifestyle.  The magazine focuses on information and advice for seasoned swingers as well as people new to the lifestyle.  It provides great how to articles, tips and tricks that you may use to attain a higher level of satisfaction within your own relationships.

The new publication which is online and in print, answers question from swinging couples in the lifestyle, covers fashion tips and trends, highlights the latest news and swinging events within the lifestyle and covers some interesting articles that you can learn from and apply to your everyday life.  The swing lifestyle is growing faster than before and introducing some exciting new trends into the Lifestyle, International Swingers Day is one of those trends.

LifeStyle Magazine continues to work with the media to promote the swing community and to support acceptance by the general public.  Clubs, resorts, conventions and event planners can advertise for free when they distribute the magazine.  Be sure to visit and subscribe to LifeStyle Magazine and get your 1st year for free!

Mark Begelman