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North American Swing Club Association (NASCA)

The North American Swing Club Association (NASCA) established in 1980 is a database of clubs, events, and other resources directed at promoting the swinging lifestyle.  It is a window to the world of swinging that provide its members and swinging organization the resources they need to become successful in the lifestyle.

Do you have a club, swingers publication, or are you a swinging couple active in the lifestyle?  Become a member of NASCSA and get a membership card, emblem pin, personal ads and more when you join this swinging community.

Some of their members include SwingLifeStyle an internet site for swingers, Ambiance Resort a lifestyle resort located in Jamaica, Vegas Exchange a swinger’s convention set to take place in Lave Vegas 2013 and many other lifestyle businesses and services.

The website provides swingers and those interested in the lifestyle with up to the minute news and other information about the lifestyle.    Get answer to questions such as “What is swinging”, “Who Are Swingers” “What is Sex in Swinging Like” and more.  All you need to know about the lifestyle is at your fingertips, visit NASCA today!