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Los Angeles Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act

Los Angeles Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry ActMeasure B also known as Los Angeles Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act passed with 56% of the Los Angeles County voters in favor of allowing condom use in adult films.  Producers of adult films in Los Angeles County will be required to obtain a public health permit, require actors to wear condoms in films and create an on-set inspection of the new rules.  Producers that fail to comply can face heavy fines as well as misdemeanor criminal charges.

Producers are already looking for ways around this new law and are threatening to take their business to others counties or even as far as other states.  The law does not apply to Pasadena nor Long Beach as it turns out that the requirement for permits doesn’t apply to cities that operate their own public health dept.   Some have also considered moving productions to San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas or even Miami, although productions of adult films are only legal in California and Nevada.  Producers are not excited to leave or uphold the new law, but are planning on fighting this new law before packing their bags.

The bigger question here is how this new law will affect your viewing pleasures?  Some in the industry like porn star Jessica Drake already use condoms in porn and people still watch her movies.  So although some people don’t want to see condoms being used in porn, there are about 68% of people in an online pole say that the sight of condoms would not affect their viewing pleasure.

What do you think; we would like to hear from you!   Would you get turned off by the sight of condoms in porn?  How will this change affect swinger’s party in the future?