What Do Women Think About During Sex?

Wife SharingLet’s face it; women have a harder time enjoying sex than men do. One of the reasons is because it takes more time for women to get into the mood for sex than men. Also, some women have more to lose when it comes to just having a sexual partner, it’s no secret that some women are emotional than men. Most women also need mental stimulation whereas some men are ready to go at a moment’s notice. These are just some of the main reasons why sex may not always be as enjoyable to women as it is to men. This is precisely why most women find themselves in deep thought during sex when they should be consumed by intense passion like their male counterparts.
Men’s minds go blank easily during sex. This article aims to help you find out what women think about during sex. Because women think a lot during sex, this article will attempt to highlight the most common thoughts. If you are interested discovering such information, look no further. Below are 6 thoughts that are likely to cross a woman’s mind during sex.

1. Is he enjoying himself?
This is undoubtedly one of the most common thoughts women have during sex. According to numerous studies, over 50% of women are more concerned about satisfying their partners than satisfying their own needs during sex. Men on the other hand tend to focus on satisfying their own sexual needs. This explains why men tend to enjoy sex more than women. It is therefore important for men to reassure their women during sex to make the experience more enjoyable for both parties.


2. Is he better or worse than my Ex?
Every woman will deny this to the grave (especially when asked openly) however, numerous secret surveys conducted on this matter prove that most women think about other men during sex. If you thought this was a man’s problem only, you’re seriously mistaken. She will sometimes fantasize about him during sex (especially if she thinks he is better than you). The solution lies in focusing all your attention on her with the aim of giving her control. This will make her feel you are giving her exactly what she wants which will in turn banish thoughts about any other man instantly from her mind.

3. Would he be up for a threesome?
Like men, women also think about sexual fantasies during sex. The only difference is they are never willing to pursue them in reality. Women generally view some sexual fantasies like threesomes as relationship threatening thus they are never willing to materialize such thoughts. That shouldn’t however be mistaken to mean that they don’t think about far-fetched fantasies like involving other men during sex. Men can erase such thoughts in their women’s minds by offering the whole package in bed i.e. being wild first and sensitive later after sex. It is important to note that fantasies emanate from lacking. If you offer the full package, your woman won’t have room for any crazy sexual fantasies.

What Do Women Think About During Sex? 4. Can I tell him what I really want?
Numerous studies also indicate that most women are afraid of saying what they really want in bed especially if they think it will change how their partner perceives them. This explains why it is extremely important for men to be able to read a women’s body language as opposed to asking questions. Men shouldn’t assume that women are saying exactly what they want during sex. They should instead focus on reading body language and making their women feel comfortable.

5. ”I have laundry to do after this”
This thought may be regarded as cliché however it is true that most women think about household chores/duties during sex. According to many research studies, 25% and 20% of women think about household chores and work respectively during sex. Such thoughts can be banished easily by turning up the passion and letting her feel/enjoy sex using some of the tricks suggested above. Being more assertive and moving her around can go a long way in helping her focus on you 100%.

6. I’m bored
As mentioned above, women have a harder time enjoying sex because of reasons like; women take longer to get into the mood for sex. Boredom is most likely to cross a woman’s mind when she isn’t in the mood for sex but finds herself having sex anyway. This usually happens when a man doesn’t pay attention to her woman from the start. The solution to this is obvious. Pay attention to her to get her in the mood otherwise she will be bored before you start.

In summary, the above thoughts are the most common in a woman’s mind during sex. It is however important to note that there are many other thoughts that women have during sex that are not discussed above. It is therefore advisable to use this article as a basis for further research.