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Condoms Required in Porn?

Swingers News | Condoms Required in PornAdult video set the tone for swinger’s events and is normally the entertainment of choice.   The presence of porn at swinger events is here to stay, but you may start to see more porn flicks practicing safer sex.  This is because the Los Angeles city council has voted 9 – 1 denying film permits to producers who choose not to comply with a condom requirement.  There is currently a law in the state of California that requires condoms to be used on adult films sets, but supporters are saying the law is not being enforced.

On one hand, the AIDs Healthcare Foundation, supporters of this issue, is stating that the new law is needed because the existing law was not being enforced by the adult industry.  While on the other hand, industry leaders are saying that they are already doing their own policing by requiring actors to be tested for STD’s every 30 days when working.  This new law that is being introduced would require film producers to use a condom during filming and pay a fee that  would then pay for surprise inspections to these films sets to make sure that the law is being properly enforced.   A majority of the adult films are made in the San Fernando Valley area, but that could change with this law.

Industry leaders are saying this would hurt their business.  They say that condoms in adult movies would ruin the fantasy and can be very distracting, while others are saying that this is not something the international audiences would want to spend their money on and that could really hurt their bottom line.   SwingLifestyle has an active conversion about this topic on their swingers blog and Facebook Page.  What do you think about this conversation, we welcome your feedback?