International Swingers Day (ISD)

Swingers Events - International Swingers Day (ISD)

International Swingers Day (ISD) is a day of celebration for the swinging community.   The purpose of ISD is to celebrate the sexual revolution among swingers and polyamory worldwide.

For nearly 8 years this day has been celebrated and continues to gain public attention in the news and media.  One day is set aside during the month of August for clubs to post their parties and this year ISD is set for August 13th 2011.  Thousands of swinger clubs worldwide are planning massive parties and you will not want to miss the fun.  In 2011 there are 830 scheduled events for ISD globally, most being hosted right here in the United States.

ISD is designed to allow any club to post their party for the special day, fast becoming recognized as the #1 day for polyamory and the lifestyle.  Each year ISD continues to grow in parties with no sign of slowing down.  To post your party or to find a party near you visit ISD website.

Mark Begelman