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Swinger Facts You Should Know



Swinger relationships have become more acceptable today. They have become very popular in today’s society for many reasons and the most notable being; they eliminate cheating as well as spice up relationships. Swingers meet online or in real life to fulfill their own sexual fantasies/desires. The main intention of swinger relationships is to have a no-strings attached relationship.

Swinger Facts You Should KnowFor reserved or traditional individuals/couples, swinger relationships are considered taboo. It is however important to note that swinging is a choice. There is therefore nothing wrong with trying out a swinger relationship to add some spice to your love life. As long as both parties in the relationship agree, swinging can be beneficial. Also, keep in mind swinger rules should be followed to the letter for relationships to be beneficial. Swingers bound by swinging rules are known as real swingers. With that said, it is time to look at important swinger facts you should know.

1. Real swinger lifestyles began to expand with the internet: Forget about swinger relationship stories dating back to the sixties. Real swinging caught the attention of the world in the last few decades. Since then, swinger websites have been coming up to connect swingers around the world. The real swinger’s lifestyle has been proven to be safer than what many people think. This is because the lifestyle tackles infidelity in relationships.

2. Swinging is 100% safe for members: It is important to note that swinging doesn’t involve having unprotected sex with anyone. It is wise to have protected sex with everyone they meet at swinger clubs. It doesn’t matter if you trust a fellow swinger or not. You must use a condom at all times. Some swingers go a step further and ask for medical certification for assurance purposes.

Swinger Facts You Should Know3. Real swingers are usually in a relationship: This is another important fact to note about swinging. Forget the movies which show single guys living swinger lifestyles. Real swingers are supposed to be in relationships. If you are not a couple, forget about swinging. In fact most swinger clubs are exclusively for couples. Some may go as far as allowing single female members, however it is nearly impossible for a single man to enter a swinger club. It is also worth noting that real swingers are usually high class individuals with dignity and not just random bystanders.


With the above information, you have an idea what real swinging should be about. There is a misconception around swinging that makes it look bad. From the above facts, you shouldn’t have a problem seeing the benefits of a real swinger relationship.