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How to Be a Dominatrix

How to Be a Dominatrix

Swingers DatingAs you may already know, “Dominatrix” is a term used to describe a woman that is dominant, be it in a sexual or romantic relationship. Also referred to as a “mistress”, the dominatrix takes the leadership role during sexual intercourse as she dominates the man, who is commonly known as a “slave”. In this case, the man would be considered the submissive in the relationship and abiding by all the rules set by the dominatrix. The two mutually agree on the aspects that are to be controlled, and on the boundaries that ought to be respected.

People often engage in a dominant-submissive relationships because they have a strong urge to be dominated, humiliated (be it sexually, verbally or physically) or because they want to feel powerful. If you are thinking about becoming a dominatrix, here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Set Boundaries 

How to Be a DominatrixThe first and most important thing about being a dominatrix is to understand that there is a limit. Even when your submissive tells you to stop, part of the fun is not stopping and continuing with what you have to do. Some men get off when they feel pain or humiliation, but if you push it too far and you take your dominant side a mile further, this can break the trust and bond you have established with your submissive. Have a safe word that both parties agreed upon, before you start a dominating session. When you, as a dominatrix, hear the safe word – you need to stop what you are doing immediately!

  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment 

Curiosity is perfectly normal, and people will want to experiment sooner or later in life. When engaging in a dominant-submissive relationship, there are many things you can experiment with, as the field of BDSM is quite complex. There are a few things you can try like mouth gags, restraints (handcuffs, ropes), blind folds that will prevent the slave from seeing what’s next, and you may even be interested in checking out some BDSM toys as well. Part of being a good dominatrix is giving pleasure. Both parties involved in a dominant-submissive relationship is supposed to experience pleasure, not just one party.

  1. Dress As A Dominatrix! 

In order to be a dominatrix, you must dress and act like one. However, it is extremely important to know where your role stops – contrary to popular belief, only a very small percentage of those who engage in a slave-master relationship actually play the role on a non-stop basis. While being a dominatrix is still considered as taboo in many countries, in some countries (especially in assigned districts) it is not uncommon to see dominant women walking their slaves down the street.

That being said, it is important to understand the “dress code” that applies to dominant women. You can choose to be on the classy side or you can choose to be on the rough, hardcore side with chains, whips and piercings. Your clothes should be dictated by the extent of your role, by your personality and allure and by your preferences. Generally speaking, dominant women like to wear leather or latex closed coupled with high heel How to Be a Dominatrixstilettos or boots and revealing undergarments.

  1. Role Play

Inside The World Of A Dominatrix shows how some women choose to become dominatrix. Some for fun and the sexual arousal, while others do it for money. Regardless of the reasons, it is very important to stay discrete with all the men (or women) that you meet for dominating sessions. People who engage in BDSM activities usually live perfectly normal and healthy lives, although some of the slaves may be carried away by the entire game and insist on getting more. This is why it is advised to set the boundaries and to avoid revealing personal information. Being a dominatrix is a role play done for pleasure, and that is how it should stay. Everybody has a private life and a public life, and one’s right to a private life should always be respected.

  1. Stay Open-Minded 

One of the most important characteristics of being a dominatrix is your mentality. Try to be as open-minded as possible. Never judge those you have interactions with (especially as a dominatrix), and never underestimate your slave as submissive parts can come from various backgrounds and they can have different academic training.

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